T.V.O.L. (This View of Life) – Baba Brinkman Music Video

Gepostet von: Baba Brinkman

Veröffentlicht am 10.02.2017

Commissioned by TVOL Magazine

An anthem for the evolutionary view of life, which sees Darwinian processes working at multiple levels from genes to individuals to cultural artifacts and symbols, producing the amazing variety of complex behaviours and structures on display in the human and natural world, with no recourse to the supernatural at any level.

Lyrics by Baba Brinkman
Music Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Mr. Simmonds
Chorus Vocals by Aaron Nazrul
Additional Piano and Hammond Organ by Simon Kendall
Bass by Owen Strain

"Tree of Life" art by Evolution Posters

Quelle: www.youtube.de

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