Hypatia - Eine außergewöhnliche Philosophin

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Hypatia of Alexandria: The (REAL) history of antiquities greatest female philosopher. (Englisch)

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Are you familiar with the history of Hypatia of Alexandria?

Maybe you believe that she was a young beautiful woman?

Maybe you believe that she was a martyr for science and that her death signaled the beginning of the dark ages?

Well, let's just say that real history is very far from the fictions in popular culture.

So if you want to learn the real history of Hypatia of Alexandria, check out this video!

Here´some cool stuff you will learn in today´s video:

The life (and school) of Hypatia of Alexandria.

Hypatia's philosophical beliefs about the world and herself(and how they related to her work in mathematics and astronomy).

Hypatia's death and the events leading up it.

How the life of Hypatia has been used throughout history for ideological purposes(+ recommended literature).

Quelle: www.youtube.de